Frequently Asked Questions
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Are you affiliated with Jessica or her representatives?
No, we are an 100% unofficial fan made site for fans.

How can I contact Jessica?
We have no official contact address and do not know how to reach her.

Can I use one of your sites photos for my site, magazine or other publicated service?
No, simply because we do not own the rights to these photos. They are tagged to show they were originally posted here but it does not mean that we own them in any way. All of the photos in the gallery has been scanned, capped, searched for by us. This has taken lots of time and hard work, so please have that in mind and don’t take the photos.

Can I use the pictures for fan art and things like that?
Absolutely! And you can always send it to us and we will put it up to share with other fans.

How do I contact the webmasters of this site?
If you want to ask something or want to speak to us, do it thrue here and we will try to answer as soon as we can. If you want to contribute to the site do it, by using the same form/e-mail.

Who maintains this website?
This website was built and is currently being maintained by Stephen, with a bit of help from Maria. Stephen works the most on the media and Maria prefers to work at the content. You can read more about the website itself and the staffers here.

Which scripts and programs are you using to maintain this site?
We did all the html coding in Notepad and all graphics has been made in Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photo Shop.The domain was bought at We use PHPVideo for the video archive, WordPress for the daily news, Icon Sort for the icons, Affiliationally for the affiliates and Coppermine for the gallery. All scripts are highly recommended!

Do you get paid for this?
No we don’t. On top of this we pay for all magazines, clippings, movies, etc ourselves, just to support Miss. Biel’s career in every way we can.

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